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Pokharel, P.[Pratik] Co Author Listing * Development of platoon-based actuated signal control systems to coordinated intersections: application in corridors in Houston

Pokharel, R.[Rosha] Co Author Listing * C-loss function for pattern classification, The
* Image processing in experiments on, and simulations of plastic deformation of polycrystals
Includes: Pokharel, R.[Rosha] Pokharel, R.[Reeju]

Pokharel, S.[Shiraj] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Visualization of Sports Performance Anxiety in Tennis Matches
* Performance Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Network Using Synthetic Medical Data Augmentation Generated by GAN
Includes: Pokharel, S.[Shiraj] Pokharel, S.[Suresh]

Pokharel, Y. Co Author Listing * Utilizing a Multi-Source Forest Inventory Technique, MODIS Data and Landsat TM Images in the Production of Forest Cover and Volume Maps for the Terai Physiographic Zone in Nepal

Pokhariya, C.[Chandradeep] Co Author Listing * SHARP: Shape-Aware Reconstruction of People in Loose Clothing

Pokhrel, S.R.[Shiva Raj] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Private Scheduling of Wireless Electric Vehicles Charging Using Reinforcement Learning
* Privacy-Aware Autonomous Valet Parking: Towards Experience Driven Approach
* Software Defined Internet of Vehicles for Automation and Orchestration

Pokhriyal, N. Co Author Listing * Significance of Remote Sensing Based Precipitation and Terrain Information for Improved Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Simulation In Parts of Himalayan River Basins

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