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Pong, H.K.[Hon Keat] Co Author Listing * Alignment of 3D Models to Images Using Region-Based Mutual Information and Neighborhood Extended Gaussian Images
* Object Detection Using a Cascade of 3D Models
* Optimal Cascade Construction for Detection using 3D Models
Includes: Pong, H.K.[Hon Keat] Pong, H.K.[Hon-Keat]

Pong, K.H.[Kuong Hon] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution feature fusion for face recognition
Includes: Pong, K.H.[Kuong Hon] Pong, K.H.[Kuong-Hon]

Pong, T.C. Co Author Listing * Application of Image Analysis Techniques to Mineral Processing, The
* Color image segmentation and parameter estimation in a markovian framework
* Cooperative Fusion of Stereo and Motion
* Detecting Moving Objects
* Detection of gradual transitions through temporal slice analysis
* Detection of moving objects using a spatiotemporal representation
* Enhancing Object Recognition Using Regency and Cooccurrence Heuristics
* Experimental-Study of an Object Recognition System That Learns, An
* Experiments in Segmentation Using a Facet Model Region Grower
* Exploiting image indexing techniques in DCT domain
* Facet Approach to Shape from Shading, The
* Facet Model Region Growing Algorithm, A
* Gesture tracking and recognition for lecture video editing
* Knowledge-Based System for the Image Correspondence Problem, A
* KOR: A Knowledge-Based Object Recognition System
* Lecture Video Enhancement and Editing by Integrating Posture, Gesture, and Text
* Markov random field image segmentation model for color textured images, A
* Markov Random Field Image Segmentation Model Using Combined Color and Texture Features, A
* Matching Topographic Structures in Stereo Vision
* Motion analysis and segmentation through spatio-temporal slices processing
* Motion Analysis of Long Image Sequence Flow
* Motion Characterization by Temporal Slices Analysis
* Motion retrieval by temporal slices analysis
* Motion-Based Video Representation for Scene Change Detection
* Multi-Layer MRF Model for Video Object Segmentation, A
* Multi-Layer Surface Segmentation Using Energy Minimization
* Multicue MRF image segmentation: combining texture and color features
* Recent Advances In Content-based Video Analysis
* Shape Estimation from Topographic Primal Sketch
* Shape Estimation from Topographic Primal Sketch: An Initial Feasibility Study
* Shape From Shading Using The Facet Model
* Structuring low-quality videotaped lectures for cross-reference browsing by video text analysis
* System and method for insertion and modification of advertisements
* Texture Analysis of Aerial Photographs
* Texture Segmentation Using Topographic Labels
* Two-Dimensional Convolution on a Pyramid Computer
* Unsupervised segmentation of color textured images using a multi-layer MRF model
* Use of the Facet Model and the Topographic Primal Sketch in Image Analysis, The
* Video partitioning by temporal slice coherency
* Visual Components of an Automated Inspection Task, The
Includes: Pong, T.C. Pong, T.C.[Ting-Chuen] Pong, T.C.[Ta-Ching]
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Pong, T.K.[Ting Kei] Co Author Listing * Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Class of Nonconvex and Nonsmooth Problems with Applications to Background/Foreground Extraction

Pongiglione, G. Co Author Listing * Statistical Model for Quantification and Prediction of Cardiac Remodelling: Application to Tetralogy of Fallot, A

Pongnumkul, S.[Suchit] Co Author Listing * Deformable Registration for Generating Dissection Image of an Intestine from Annular Image Sequence

Pongpadpinit, W. Co Author Listing * Recovery of motion vectors for error concealment based on an edge-detection approach

Pongpaichet, S.[Siripen] Co Author Listing * Integration of Diverse Data Sources for Spatial PM2.5 Data Interpolation
* Semi-supervised learning on large-scale geotagged photos for situation recognition

Pongrac, B.[Blaz] Co Author Listing * Despeckling of SAR Images Using Residual Twin CNN and Multi-Resolution Attention Mechanism
Includes: Pongrac, B.[Blaz] Pongrac, B.[Blaž]

Pongrasamiroj, K.[Krit] Co Author Listing * SUBSMELL: Multimedia with a Simple Olfactory Display

Pongsak, L.S.[La Sang] Co Author Listing * ThinNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection
Includes: Pongsak, L.S.[La Sang] Pongsak, L.S.[La-Sang]

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