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Pribadi, R.[Rudhi] Co Author Listing * Determining Optimal Location for Mangrove Planting Using Remote Sensing and Climate Model Projection in Southeast Asia

Pribadi, R.C.H.[Rudy Cahyadi Hario] Co Author Listing * Sparse tree structured representation for re-identification

Pribanic, T.[Tomislav] Co Author Listing * 3D registration based on the direction sensor measurements
* 3D Structured Light Scanner on the Smartphone
* 3D Surface Profilometry Using Phase Shifting of De Bruijn Pattern
* Absolute phase mapping for one-shot dense pattern projection
* Calibration of 3D kinematic systems using orthogonality constraints
* Can Openpose Be Used as a 3d Registration Method for 3d Scans of Cultural Heritage Artifacts
* Efficient multiple phase shift patterns for dense 3D acquisition in structured light scanning
* Efficient Separation Between Projected Patterns for Multiple Projector 3D People Scanning
* efficient surface registration using smartphone, An
* evaluation of real-time RGB-D visual odometry algorithms on mobile devices, An
* On Tablet 3D Structured Light Reconstruction and Registration
* Self-Equalizing De Bruijn Sequence for 3D Profilometry, The
* Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum
* Single-Shot Dense 3D Reconstruction Using Self-Equalizing De Bruijn Sequence
* Smart Time-Multiplexing of Quads Solves the Multicamera Interference Problem
* state of the art in structured light patterns for surface profilometry, A
* study on the robustness of shape descriptors to common scanning artifacts, A
* Wand-based calibration of 3D kinematic system
Includes: Pribanic, T.[Tomislav] Pribanic, T.
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Pribicevic, B.[Bosko] Co Author Listing * Cartographic Symbology for Crisis Mapping: A Comparative Study
* Comparative Analysis of Taxonomy, Standardisation and Availability Of Cartographic Symbol Sets for Crisis Mapping
* Constraints on Complex Faulting during the 1996 Ston-Slano (Croatia) Earthquake Inferred from the DInSAR, Seismological, and Geological Observations
* Geoinformation for Research of Ongoing Geodynamic Processes in The Republic of Croatia
Includes: Pribicevic, B.[Bosko] Pribicevic, B.[Boško] Pribicevic, B.

Pribil, J. Co Author Listing * Experiments with application of image reconstruction method based on perspective imaging techniques in X-ray CT mini system
* Spectral Flatness Analysis for Emotional Speech Synthesis and Transformation
Includes: Pribil, J. Pribil, J.[Jirí]

Pribilova, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Spectral Flatness Analysis for Emotional Speech Synthesis and Transformation
Includes: Pribilova, A.[Anna] Pribilová, A.[Anna]

Pribosek, J.[Jaka] Co Author Listing * Automating shockwave segmentation in low-contrast coherent shadowgraphy
Includes: Pribosek, J.[Jaka] Pribošek, J.[Jaka]

Pribyl, B.[Bronislav] Co Author Listing * Absolute pose estimation from line correspondences using direct linear transformation
* Accelerated image resampling for geometry correction
* Camera Pose Estimation from Lines using Plücker Coordinates
* Evaluation of feature point detection in high dynamic range imagery
* Simple Single View Scene Calibration

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