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Quegan, S. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Faraday Rotation Estimation in Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, The
* BIOMASS Level 2 Prototype Processor: Design and Experimental Results of Above-Ground Biomass Estimation, The
* Calibration of Spaceborne CTLR Compact Polarimetric Low-Frequency SAR Using Mixed Radar Calibrators
* Carbon Stocks and Fluxes in Kenyan Forests and Wooded Grasslands Derived from Earth Observation and Model-Data Fusion
* Combining Sentinel-1 and Landsat 8 Does Not Improve Classification Accuracy of Tropical Selective Logging
* Correcting Distortion of Polarimetric SAR Data Induced by Ionospheric Scintillation
* Detection and Estimation of Equatorial Spread F Scintillations Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Faraday Rotation Effects on L-Band Spaceborne SAR Data
* Foreword to the special issue on the retrieval of bio- and geophysical parameters from SAR data for land applications
* Impact of System Effects on Estimates of Faraday Rotation From Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements, The
* Impacts of Ionospheric Scintillation on the BIOMASS P-Band Satellite SAR
* Interaction Between Faraday Rotation and System Effects in Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements of Backscatter and Biomass, The
* Interferometric Ground Cancellation for Above Ground Biomass Estimation
* Parameter Estimation and Error Calibration for Multi-Channel Beam-Steering SAR Systems
* Quantitative Comparison of the Performance of SAR Segmentation Algorithms
* Retrieving Secondary Forest Aboveground Biomass from Polarimetric ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 Data in the Brazilian Amazon
Includes: Quegan, S. Quegan, S.[Shaun]
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