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Raie, A.[Abolghasem] Co Author Listing * Selection of unique gaze direction based on pupil position
* Video Event Recognition using Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks

Raie, A.A.[Abolghasem A.] Co Author Listing * 2.5D face recognition using Patch Geodesic Moments
* 3D Face Recognition Using Geodesic PZM Array from a Single Model per Person
* Efficient Local Stereo Matching Algorithm for Dense Disparity Map Estimation Based on More Effective Use of Intensity Information and Matching Constraints, An
* Expression-Invariant 3D Face Recognition Using Patched Geodesic Texture Transform
* Histogram distance metric learning for facial expression recognition
* New Efficient Stereo Line Segment Matching Algorithm Based on More Effective Usage of the Photometric, Geometric and Structural Information, A
* Pose-invariant 2.5D face recognition using Geodesic Texture Warping
* Precise Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on a Hierarchical Homographic Transform Estimation for Law Enforcement Applications
* Probabilistic principal component analysis for texture modelling of adaptive active appearance models and its application for head pose estimation
Includes: Raie, A.A.[Abolghasem A.] Raie, A.A.
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