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Rara, H.[Ham] Co Author Listing * 3D Vertebral Body Segmentation Using Shape Based Graph Cuts
* automated vertebra identification and segmentation in CT images, An
* Face detection at a distance using saliency maps
* Illumination-invariant Statistical Shape Recovery with Contiguous Occlusion
* Modeling Lambertian Surfaces Under Unknown Distant Illumination Using Hemispherical Harmonics
* Non-Lambertian Model-based Facial Shape Recovery from Single Image Under Unknown General Illumination
* Novel 3D Segmentation of Vertebral Bones from Volumetric CT Images Using Graph Cuts, A
* On the use of hemispherical harmonics for modeling images of objects under unknown distant illumination
* Towards accurate and efficient representation of image irradiance of convex-Lambertian objects under unknown near lighting
* Towards Efficient and Compact Phenomenological Representation of Arbitrary Bidirectional Surface Reflectance
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Rara, H.M.[Ham M.] Co Author Listing * Distant face recognition based on sparse-stereo reconstruction
* Face recognition at-a-distance based on sparse-stereo reconstruction
* Face Recognition at-a-Distance Using Texture, Dense- and Sparse-Stereo Reconstruction
* Framework for Long Distance Face Recognition Using Dense and Sparse Stereo Reconstruction, A
* passive stereo system for 3D human face reconstruction and recognition at a distance, A

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