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Rask, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning with Graph Neural Networks for Short-Term Highway Traffic Forecasting

Raska, R. Co Author Listing * DeepGlobe 2018: A Challenge to Parse the Earth through Satellite Images

Raskar, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Raskar, R.[Ramesh]: raskar AT media mit edu
* 3d Imaging For Thermal Cameras Using Structured Light
* 3D pose estimation and segmentation using specular cues
* Algebraic Approach to Surface Reconstruction from Gradient Fields, An
* Analysis of light transport in scattering media
* camera that never overexposes an image, A
* Characterizing the shadow space of camera-light pairs
* Coded Strobing Photography: Compressive Sensing of High Speed Periodic Videos
* Computational Photography: Epsilon to Coded Photography
* Computational Schlieren Photography with Light Field Probes
* Computer vision on tap
* CrowdCam: Instantaneous Navigation of Crowd Images Using Angled Graph
* Decomposing Global Light Transport Using Time of Flight Imaging
* Decouple-and-Sample: Protecting Sensitive Information in Task Agnostic Data Release
* Deep Learning the City: Quantifying Urban Perception at a Global Scale
* Deep Polarization Cues for Transparent Object Segmentation
* Deep Visual Teach and Repeat on Path Networks
* Demultiplexing illumination via low cost sensing and nanosecond coding
* Depth Map Estimation and Colorization of Anaglyph Images Using Local Color Prior and Reverse Intensity Distribution
* Depth Sensing Using Geometrically Constrained Polarization Normals
* Descattering Transmission via Angular Filtering
* Detecting and Segmenting Un-occluded Items by Actively Casting Shadows
* DISCO: Dynamic and Invariant Sensitive Channel Obfuscation for deep neural networks
* Discontinuity Preserving Stereo with Small Baseline Multi-Flash Illumination
* Discovering the Structure of a Planar Mirror System from Multiple Observations of a Single Point
* Edge Suppression by Gradient Field Transformation Using Cross-Projection Tensors
* Estimating Motion and size of moving non-line-of-sight objects in cluttered environments
* Estimating wide-angle, spatially varying reflectance using time-resolved inversion of backscattered light
* Exploiting Depth Discontinuities for Vision-Based Fingerspelling Recognition
* Exploring the Resolution Limit for In-Air Synthetic-Aperture Audio Imaging
* Frequency Analysis of Transient Light Transport with Applications in Bare Sensor Imaging
* Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* Hand-held Schlieren Photography with Light Field probes
* Handheld Projector Supported by Computer Vision, A
* Handheld Projectors for Mixing Physical and Digital Textures
* Hemispherical Confocal Imaging Using Turtleback Reflector
* Holistic Framework for Addressing the World Using Machine Learning, A
* Illumination invariants in deep video expression recognition
* Image destabilization: Programmable defocus using lens and sensor motion
* Imaging Behind Occluders Using Two-bounce Light
* Imaging the Propagation of Light Through Scenes at Picosecond Resolution
* Instant replay using high speed motion capture and projected overlay
* Learning Gaze Transitions from Depth to Improve Video Saliency Estimation
* Learning to Censor by Noisy Sampling
* Less Is More: Coded Computational Photography
* light transport model for mitigating multipath interference in Time-of-flight sensors, A
* Looking Around the Corner Using Transient Imaging
* Looking Around the Corner using Ultrafast Transient Imaging
* LRA: Local Rigid Averaging of Stretchable Non-rigid Shapes
* Macroscopic Interferometry: Rethinking Depth Estimation with Frequency-Domain Time-of-Flight
* Multi-Velocity Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition in Videos
* Multiflash Stereopsis: Depth-Edge-Preserving Stereo with Small Baseline Illumination
* Non-refractive modulators for encoding and capturing scene appearance and depth
* NoPeek-Infer: Preventing face reconstruction attacks in distributed inference after on-premise training
* Objects as Cameras: Estimating High-Frequency Illumination from Shadows
* Optimal single image capture for motion deblurring
* Pairwise Confusion for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Phase messaging method for time-of-flight cameras
* Polarized 3D: High-Quality Depth Sensing with Polarization Cues
* Real-Time Physiological Measurement and Visualization Using a Synchronized Multi-camera System
* Recovering three-dimensional shape around a corner using ultrafast time-of-flight imaging
* Refractive shape from light field distortion
* Removing Photography Artifacts using Gradient Projection and Flash-Exposure Sampling
* Resolving Objects at Higher Resolution from a Single Motion-blurred Image
* Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* Scale Invariant Metrics of Volumetric Datasets
* Seamless video editing
* Self Correcting Projector, A
* Sensing increased image resolution using aperture masks
* Signal Processing for Time-of-Flight Imaging Sensors: An introduction to inverse problems in computational 3-D imaging
* Single lens off-chip cellphone microscopy
* Skin perfusion photography
* Streetscore: Predicting the Perceived Safety of One Million Streetscapes
* Sub-pixel Layout for Super-Resolution with Images in the Octic Group
* switchable light field camera architecture with Angle Sensitive Pixels and dictionary-based sparse coding, A
* Tensor low-rank and sparse light field photography
* Towards Learning Neural Representations from Shadows
* Ultra-fast Lensless Computational Imaging through 5D Frequency Analysis of Time-resolved Light Transport
* Unbounded High Dynamic Range Photography Using a Modulo Camera
* Validity of Wigner Distribution Function for ray-based imaging
* Videoshop: A New Framework for Spatio-Temporal Video Editing in Gradient Domain
* Vision Correcting Displays Based on Inverse Blurring and Aberration Compensation
* What Is the Range of Surface Reconstructions from a Gradient Field?
* Why I Want a Gradient Camera
Includes: Raskar, R.[Ramesh] Raskar, R.
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Raskary, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * projector-camera setup for geometry-invariant frequency demultiplexing, A

Raskauskaite, R.[Raminta] Co Author Listing * Approach for the Analysis of the Accessibility of Fire Hydrants in Urban Territories, An
Includes: Raskauskaite, R.[Raminta] Raškauskaite, R.[Raminta]

Raskin, L.[Leonid] Co Author Listing * 3D Body-part tracking of two persons using a hierarchical body model
* 3d Human Body-part Tracking and Action Classification Using A Hierarchical Body Model
* Dimensionality Reduction for Articulated Body Tracking
* Dimensionality reduction using a Gaussian Process Annealed Particle Filter for tracking and classification of articulated body motions
* H-APF: Using hierarchical representation of human body for 3-D articulated tracking and action classification
* Tracking and Classifying of Human Motions with Gaussian Process Annealed Particle Filter
* Using Gaussian Processes for Human Tracking and Action Classification
* Using Hierarchical Models for 3D Human Body-Part Tracking
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Raskin, V. Co Author Listing * Dealing with Space in Natural Language Processing

Raskinis, G.[Gailius] Co Author Listing * Text Categorization: A Symbolic Approach

Raskutti, G.[Garvesh] Co Author Listing * Minimizing Negative Transfer of Knowledge in Multivariate Gaussian Processes: A Scalable and Regularized Approach

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