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Raty, J.[Janne] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Linear-Mode and Single-Photon Airborne LiDAR in Species-Specific Forest Inventories, A
Includes: Raty, J.[Janne] Räty, J.[Janne] (Maybe also Raety, J.)

Raty, M.[Minna] Co Author Listing * Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees Using Stem and Crown Diameter TLS Measurements
* Retrieval of Forest Aboveground Biomass and Stem Volume with Airborne Scanning LiDAR
* Single tree biomass modelling using airborne laser scanning
Includes: Raty, M.[Minna] Räty, M.[Minna] (Maybe also Raety, M.)

Raty, T.D. Co Author Listing * Survey on Contemporary Remote Surveillance Systems for Public Safety
Includes: Raty, T.D. Räty, T.D. (Maybe also Raety, T.D.)

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