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Roed, B. Co Author Listing * List-Mode PET Motion Correction Using Markerless Head Tracking: Proof-of-Concept With Scans of Human Subject
* Motion Tracking for Medical Imaging: A Nonvisible Structured Light Tracking Approach
* Real Time Surface Registration for PET Motion Tracking
Includes: Roed, B. Roed, B.[Bjarne]

Roedel, P. Co Author Listing * Conservation and Valorization of Heritage Ethnographic Textiles

Roeder, B.J.[Barbara J.] Co Author Listing * Interfield image motion detector for video signals

Roeder, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis For Facial Feature Detection
* Face Contour Extraction from Front-View Images

Roeder, T.[Thorsten] Co Author Listing * email: Roeder, T.[Thorsten]: roeder AT in tum de

Roeder, W.P.[William P.] Co Author Listing * Random Forest Method to Forecast Downbursts Based on Dual-Polarization Radar Signatures, A

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