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Rom, H. Co Author Listing * B-Spline Contour Representation and Symmetry Detection
* B-Spline Contour Representations and Symmetry Detection
* Hierarchical Decomposition and Axial Representation of Shape
* Hierarchical Decomposition and Axial Shape Description
* Image Representation Using Voronoi Tessellation: Adaptive and Secure
* Motion Based Segmentation
* Open Images Dataset V4, The
* Part Decomposition and Description of 3D Shapes
* Unified Approach to the Change of Resolution: Space and Gray Level, A
Includes: Rom, H. Rom, H.[Hassan] Rom, H.[Hillel]
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Rom, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Glaciogenic Periglacial Landform in the Making: Geomorphological Evolution of a Rockfall on a Small Glacier in the Horlachtal, Stubai Alps, Austria

Rom, R. Co Author Listing * Distribution of Runs in Binary Words

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