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Rufenacht, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic and Accurate Shadow Detection Using Near-Infrared Information
* Automatic detection of dust and scratches in silver halide film using polarized dark-field illumination
* HEVC-EPIC: Fast Optical Flow Estimation From Coded Video via Edge-Preserving Interpolation
* Hierarchical anchoring of motion fields for fully scalable video coding
* Keyframe Insights into Real-Time Video Tagging of Compressed UHD Content
* Novel Motion Field Anchoring Paradigm for Highly Scalable Wavelet-Based Video Coding, A
* Temporal Frame Interpolation With Motion-Divergence-Guided Occlusion Handling
Includes: Rufenacht, D. Rufenacht, D.[Dominic] Rüfenacht, D. (Maybe also Ruefenacht, D.)Rüfenacht, D.[Dominic] (Maybe also Ruefenacht, D.)
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Rufener, M. Co Author Listing * Compensating over- and underexposure in optical target pose determination

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