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Scilingo, E.P.[Enzo Pasquale] Co Author Listing * Acute Stress State Classification Based on Electrodermal Activity Modeling
* Brain Dynamics During Arousal-Dependent Pleasant/Unpleasant Visual Elicitation: An Electroencephalographic Study on the Circumplex Model of Affect
* Classifying Affective Haptic Stimuli through Gender-Specific Heart Rate Variability Nonlinear Analysis
* Comparitive study on photometric normalization algorithms for an innovative, robust and real-time eye gaze tracker
* Force-Velocity Assessment of Caress-Like Stimuli Through the Electrodermal Activity Processing: Advantages of a Convex Optimization Approach
* How the Autonomic Nervous System and Driving Style Change With Incremental Stressing Conditions During Simulated Driving
* Recognizing Emotions Induced by Affective Sounds through Heart Rate Variability
* Role of Nonlinear Dynamics in Affective Valence and Arousal Recognition, The
Includes: Scilingo, E.P.[Enzo Pasquale] Scilingo, E.P.
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