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Seco de Herrera, A.G.[Alba Garcia] Co Author Listing * 2D-Based 3D Volume Retrieval Using Singular Value Decomposition of Detected Regions
Includes: Seco de Herrera, A.G.[Alba Garcia] Seco de Herrera, A.G.[Alba García]

Seco Granados, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * Alternative Implementations of the GNSS Power-Based Capon Beamformer
* Asymptotic Analysis of the Convergence Time of Autoregressive Kalman Filters
* Closed-Form Approximation for the Convergence Time of pth-Order Kalman Filters
* Closed-Form Approximation for the Steady-State Performance of Second-Order Kalman Filters
* Tracking Position and Orientation Through Millimeter Wave Lens MIMO in 5G Systems
* Unambiguous Techniques Modernized GNSS Signals: Surveying the solutions
Includes: Seco Granados, G.[Gonzalo] Seco-Granados, G.[Gonzalo] Seco-Granados, G.

Seco Granja, F. Co Author Listing * Short-Range Ship Navigation System Based on Ladar Imaging and Target Tracking for Improved Safety and Efficiency, A

Seco, D. Co Author Listing * Assessing the best edit in perturbation-based iterative refinement algorithms to compute the median string
* Exploiting geographic references of documents in a geographical information retrieval system using an ontology-based index
Includes: Seco, D. Seco, D.[Diego]

Seco, G.G.[Gabriela Garcia] Co Author Listing * Americas' Spatial Data Infrastructure, The
Includes: Seco, G.G.[Gabriela Garcia] Seco, G.G.[Gabriela García]

Seco, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Impact of Drought on Isoprene Fluxes Assessed Using Field Data, Satellite-Based GLEAM Soil Moisture and HCHO Observations from OMI
* MODIS Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) as an Estimator of Isoprene Emissions in a Temperate Deciduous Forest, A

Seco, R.M.[Rosa Ma] Co Author Listing * Computer Analysis of Images for Crop Identification in Mexico

Secoli, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Associating locations from wearable cameras

Secord, J. Co Author Listing * Tree Detection in Aerial LiDar and Image Data
* Tree detection in LiDAR data

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