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Semlali, B.E.B.[Badr Eddine Boudriki] Co Author Listing * First Results on the Systematic Search of Land Surface Temperature Anomalies as Earthquakes Precursors
* Preliminary Study on Ionospheric Scintillation Anomalies Detected Using GNSS-R Data from NASA CYGNSS Mission as Possible Earthquake Precursors, A
Includes: Semlali, B.E.B.[Badr Eddine Boudriki] Semlali, B.E.B.[Badr-Eddine Boudriki]

Semler, L.[Lindsay] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Wavelet-Based and Ridgelet-Based Texture Classification of Tissues in Computed Tomography, A
* Curvelet-Based Texture Classification of Tissues in Computed Tomography

Semler, Q. Co Author Listing * Development of a Low-cost Centimetric GNSS Positioning Solution For Android Applications
* Registration of 2d Drawings On a 3d Point Cloud As a Support for The Modeling of Complex Architectures

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