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Sith, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient image down-conversion for mixed field/frame-mode macroblocks

Sitharama Iyengar, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Polygon Overlay for Dense Map Image Data Sets
* Representation of Regions of Map Data for Efficient Comparison and Retrieval

Sithole, G. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of The Homogeneity Of Volunteered Geographic Information In South Africa
* Automatically Determining Scale Within Unstructured Point Clouds
* Bridge detection in airborne laser scanner data
* Deformation Detection In Piping Installations Using Profiling Techniques
* Detection of Bricks in a Masonry Wall
* Experimental comparison of filter algorithms for bare-Earth extraction from airborne laser scanning point clouds
* Filtering of airborne laser scanner data based on segmented point clouds
* Filtering Strategy: Working Towards Reliability
* Framework for Comparing Segmentation Algorithms
* Moving Window Segmentation Framework for Point Clouds
* Preface: Technical Commission IV on Spatial Information Science
* Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling
* Spaces in Spatial Science and Urban Applications: State of the Art Review
Includes: Sithole, G. Sithole, G.[George]
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Sithole, L. Co Author Listing * Structure From Motion Technique for Scene Detection Using Autonomous Drone Navigation

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