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Sluzek, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Localization Using Local Shape Features
* Aligned matching: An efficient image matching technique
* Approximation-Based Keypoints in Colour Images: A Tool for Building and Searching Visual Databases
* Assessment of Visibility Quality in Adverse Weather and Illumination Conditions
* Building Local Features from Pattern-Based Approximations of Patches: Discussion on Moments and Hough Transform
* CamType: assistive text entry using gaze with an off-the-shelf webcam
* Detecting local features in complex images: A combination of Hough transform and moment-based approximations
* Detection and segmentation of near-duplicate fragments in random images
* Detection of Near-Duplicate Patches in Random Images Using Keypoint-Based Features
* Embedding Visual Words into Concept Space for Action and Scene Recognition
* Extended Keypoint Description and the Corresponding Improvements in Image Retrieval
* Feasibility Analysis of Eye Typing with a Standard Webcam
* feasibility study on a novel method of visual obstacle detection, A
* Identification And Inspection Of 2-D Objects Using New Moment-Based Shape Descriptors
* Identification of Planar Objects in 3-D Space from Perspective Projections
* Image-Based Information Guide on Mobile Devices
* Improving Performances of MSER Features in Matching and Retrieval Tasks
* Keypoint-Based Detection of Near-Duplicate Image Fragments Using Image Geometry and Topology
* Large Vocabularies for Keypoint-Based Representation and Matching of Image Patches
* Local Algorithm for Real-Time Junction Detection in Contour Images, A
* low-dimensional local descriptor incorporating TPS warping for image matching, A
* Multi-Level Contour Segmentation Using Multiple Segmentation Primitives
* New Local-Feature Framework for Scale-Invariant Detection of Partially Occluded Objects, A
* Novel Approach to Retrieval of Similar Patterns in Biological Images, A
* On moment-based local operators for detecting image patterns
* Partial Near-Duplicate Detection in Random Images by a Combination of Detectors
* Performance evaluation of low-dimensional sifts
* Real-Time Retrieval of Near-Duplicate Fragments in Images and Video-Clips
* Relative scale method to locate an object in cluttered environment
* Scene recognition by semantic visual words
* Using Moment Invariants to Recognize and Locate Partially Occluded 2D Objects
* Video-surveillance Tools for Monitoring Social Responsibility Under COVID-19 Restrictions
* Visual detection of 3D obstacles using gated images
* Visual Target Tracking Using a Low-Cost Methodology Based on Visual Words
Includes: Sluzek, A.[Andrzej] Sluzek, A.
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Sluzewski, M.F.[M. Filip] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Cortical Spreading Depression Wavefronts Through Local Similarity Metric

Sluzhivoy, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Improving the Run-Time Performance of Multi-class Support Vector Machines

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