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Spehar, B. Co Author Listing * Anchoring Theory of Lightness Perception, An

Spehr, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Road Scene Understanding for Intelligent Vehicles Using Compositional Hierarchical Models
* Shape (self-)similarity and Dissimilarity Rating for Segmentation and Matching
* Using the Shadow as a Single Feature for Real-Time Monocular Vehicle Pose Determination
Includes: Spehr, J. Spehr, J.[Jens]

Spehr, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Feature Matching Between Digital Images And 2d Representations Of A 3d Laser Scanner Point Cloud
* GPU-based Volumetric Reconstruction Of Trees From Multiple Images
* Sum-of-Superellipses: A Low Parameter Model for Amplitude Spectra of Natural Images
* Wifbs: A Web-Based Image Feature Benchmark System
Includes: Spehr, M.[Marcel] Spehr, M.

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