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Tak, R.N.[Rishabh N.] Co Author Listing * Novel Phase Encoded Mel Filterbank Energies for Environmental Sound Classification

Tak, S. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Imputation Method for Traffic Data in Sectional Units of Road Links
* Data-Driven Sparse GLM for fMRI Analysis Using Sparse Dictionary Learning With MDL Criterion, A
* Development of a Deceleration-Based Surrogate Safety Measure for Rear-End Collision Risk
* Real-Time Feed-Forward Neural Network-Based Forward Collision Warning System Under Cloud Communication Environment
* Study on the Traffic Predictive Cruise Control Strategy With Downstream Traffic Information, A
* Unified Sparse Recovery and Inference Framework for Functional Diffuse Optical Tomography Using Random Effect Model, A
Includes: Tak, S. Tak, S.[Sehyun]

Tak, Y.S.[Yoon Sik] Co Author Listing * Tertiary Hash Tree: Indexing Structure for Content-Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Tak, Y.S.[Yoon Sik] Tak, Y.S.[Yoon-Sik]

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