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Tavoli, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Statistical geometric components of straight lines (SGCSL) feature extraction method for offline Arabic/Persian handwritten words recognition

Tavoni, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Epistle to Cangrande Through the Lens of Computational Authorship Verification, The

Tavora, J.[Juliana] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Estimate Suspended Particulate Matter Concentrations and Associated Uncertainties from Remote Sensing Reflectance in Coastal Environments, An

Tavora, L. Co Author Listing * Lossless light-field compression using reversible colour transformations
Includes: Tavora, L. Távora, L.

Tavora, L.M.N.[Luis M. N.] Co Author Listing * Attention-driven tile splitting method for improved efficiency of omnidirectional versatile video coding
* Disparity compensation of light fields for improved efficiency in 4D transform-based encoders
* Integer DCT Approximation With Arbitrary Size and Adjustable Precision
* Lossless coding of light field images based on minimum-rate predictors
* Robust Depth Estimation From Multi-Focus Plenoptic Images
* Silhouette Enhancement in Light Field Disparity Estimation Using the Structure Tensor
* Versatile Video Coding Of 360° Video Using Adaptive Resolution Change
Includes: Tavora, L.M.N.[Luis M. N.] Tavora, L.M.N.[Luis M.N.] Tavora, L.M.N.
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