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Tiddeman, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Skin Texture Analysis Using Geometric Descriptors
* Advancements in Contact-free Heart Rate Measurements Using Human Face Videos
* DFP-ALC: Automatic video summarization using Distinct Frame Patch index and Appearance based Linear Clustering
* Facial Feature Detection Under Various Illuminations
* Facial feature detection with 3D convex local models
* FFD: Fast Feature Detector
* Guest Editorial: Scenes, Images and Objects
* Interwoven texture-based description of interest points in images
* Laser-Video Scanner Calibration without the Use of Frame Store
* Local Orientation Patterns for 3D Surface Texture Analysis of Normal Maps: Application to Facial Skin Condition Classification
* Morphable Face Albedo Model, A
* Multi-cue Facial Feature Detection and Tracking
* Orderly Disorder in Point Cloud Domain
* pertinent evaluation of automatic video summary, A
* Real-Time Lip Contour Extraction and Tracking Using an Improved Active Contour Model
* robust facial feature tracking system, A
* Robust Facial Feature Tracking Under Various Illuminations
* Towards Automated Classification of Seabed Substrates in Underwater Video
* Wide Area Multiview Static Crowd Estimation System Using UAV and 3D Training Simulator, A
Includes: Tiddeman, B.[Bernard] Tiddeman, B. Tiddeman, B.[Bernie]
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Tiddeman, B.P. Co Author Listing * Fibre Centred Tensor Faces
* Performance Evaluation of Video Summaries Using Efficient Image Euclidean Distance
Includes: Tiddeman, B.P. Tiddeman, B.P.[Bernard Paul]

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