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Tiemann, B.L.[Brittany L.] Co Author Listing * Spill Over of Crime from Urban Centers: An Account of the Changing Spatial Distribution of Violent Crime in Guyana, The

Tiemann, J.[Joachim] Co Author Listing * Persistent Hot Spot Detection and Characterisation Using SLSTR

Tiemann, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Histogram-Based Optical Flow for Functional Imaging in Echocardiography

Tiemeyer, B.[Barbel] Co Author Listing * Inferring Water Table Depth Dynamics from ENVISAT-ASAR C-Band Backscatter over a Range of Peatlands from Deeply-Drained to Natural Conditions
* On the Potential of Sentinel-1 for High Resolution Monitoring of Water Table Dynamics in Grasslands on Organic Soils
Includes: Tiemeyer, B.[Barbel] Tiemeyer, B.[Bärbel]

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