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Tin, H.C.[Hoang Cong] Co Author Listing * Mapping Submerged Aquatic Vegetation along the Central Vietnamese Coast Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing
* Method to Analyze the Potential of Optical Remote Sensing for Benthic Habitat Mapping, A
Includes: Tin, H.C.[Hoang Cong] Tin, H.C.[Hoang C.]

Tin, L.D. Co Author Listing * MRI Receiver Coil Produced by Inkjet Printing Directly on to a Flexible Substrate, An

Tin, L.T.[Lam Tri] Co Author Listing * system for recognizing Vietnamese document images based on HMM and linguistics, A

Tin, P. Co Author Listing * Object Image Retrieval in Deformable Shapes Using Morphological Operations Based on Dominant Color Regions
* Ranking System for Image Database Using Special Type of Markov Chain

Tin, T.T.[Tran Trong] Co Author Listing * Smart-Learning Networked Controllers for Centralized Air-Conditioning Systems Using Model-View-Controller Model

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