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Tirkaz, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic plant identification from photographs
* Identifying visual attributes for object recognition from text and taxonomy
* Memory conscious sketched symbol recognition
* Morphological features for leaf based plant recognition
* Sketched symbol recognition with auto-completion
Includes: Tirkaz, C. Tirkaz, C.[Caglar]

Tirkel, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Large Families of Grey Arrays with Perfect Auto-correlation and Optimal Cross-Correlation

Tirkel, A.Z.[Andrew Z.] Co Author Listing * digital watermark, A
* Discrete Angle Watermark Encoding and Recovery
* Image and Watermark Registration
* Secure Arrays for Digital Watermarking
Includes: Tirkel, A.Z.[Andrew Z.] Tirkel, A.Z.

Tirkkonen, O. Co Author Listing * Blind Time-Reversal Detector in the Presence of Channel Correlation, A
* Interference Analysis in Wireless Networks Operating over Arbitrary Fading Channels with Heterogeneous Poisson Fields of Transmitters and Interferers

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