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Topkar, V.A. Co Author Listing * Impact of Scale on Signed, Unsigned, Authentic and Phantom Zero Crossings in a Noisy Environment
* Object Detection Using Contrast Based Scale-Space
* Performance Analysis of 1-D Scale-Space Algorithms for Pulse Detection in Noisy Image Scans
* Scale-Space Features for Object Detection
* Statistical analysis of scale-space

Topkara, M.[Mercan] Co Author Listing * Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysis

Topkaya, I.S.[Ibrahim Saygin] Co Author Listing * Counting people by clustering person detector outputs
* Detecting and Tracking Unknown Number of Objects with Dirichlet Process Mixture Models and Markov Random Fields
* Tracklet clustering for robust multiple object tracking using distance dependent Chinese restaurant processes
* Using spatial overlap ratio of independent classifiers for likelihood map fusion in mean-shift tracking

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