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Tuan, A.S.[August S.] Co Author Listing * Differential transient MEG and fMRI responses to visual stimulation onset rate

Tuan, D.A.[Do Anh] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking Evaluation Analysis Framework, A

Tuan, D.M.[Do Manh] Co Author Listing * new sliding mode-based learning control for uncertain discrete-time systems, A

Tuan, H.D. Co Author Listing * Efficient design of 2-D nonseparable filters of low complexity
* Efficient Tensor Completion for Color Image and Video Recovery: Low-Rank Tensor Train
* Improper Gaussian Signaling for Broadcast Interference Networks
* MIMO Beamforming for Secure and Energy-Efficient Wireless Communication
* optimal design of FIR filters with discrete coefficients and image sampling application, An
* Optimal Design of FIR Triplet Halfband Filter Bank and Application in Image Coding
* Outage-Aware Secure Beamforming in MISO Wireless Interference Networks
Includes: Tuan, H.D. Tuan, H.D.[Hoang Duong]
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Tuan, J.C.[Jen Chieh] Co Author Listing * On the data reuse and memory bandwidth analysis for full-search block-matching VLSI architecture
Includes: Tuan, J.C.[Jen Chieh] Tuan, J.C.[Jen-Chieh]

Tuan, N.M. Co Author Listing * New sampling theorem and multiplicative filtering in the FRFT domain

Tuan, N.Q.[Nguyen Quang] Co Author Listing * Robust Extraction of Soil Characteristics Using Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS

Tuan, S.H. Co Author Listing * Establishment of big data application platform for education industry

Tuan, T.A.[Tran Anh] Co Author Listing * 3D brain magnetic resonance imaging segmentation by using bitplane and adaptive fast marching
* ColorRL: Reinforced Coloring for End-to-End Instance Segmentation

Tuan, T.M.[Tran Manh] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Contrast of Dark Satellite Images Based on Fuzzy Semi-Supervised Clustering and an Enhancement Operator

Tuan, V. Co Author Listing * Land Cover and Land Use Classification with TWOPAC: towards Automated Processing for Pixel- and Object-Based Image Classification

Tuan, V.A.[Vu Anh] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Human-Induced Effects on Sea/Brackish Water Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Ha Long Bay of Vietnam with Google Earth Engine

Tuan, V.Q.[Vo Quoc] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project
* Varying Scale and Capability of Envisat ASAR-WSM, TerraSAR-X Scansar and TerraSAR-X Stripmap Data to Assess Urban Flood Situations: A Case Study of the Mekong Delta in Can Tho Province

Tuankrua, V.[Venus] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics as a Response to Climate Variability and Drought Patterns in the Semiarid Region, Eritrea

Tuanmu, M.N.[Mao Ning] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Methods and Remote-Sensing Derived Covariates for Regional Predictions of 1 km Daily Maximum Air Temperature, An
Includes: Tuanmu, M.N.[Mao Ning] Tuanmu, M.N.[Mao-Ning]

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