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Uemura, A.[Aiko] Co Author Listing * Effects of Audio Compression on Chord Recognition
* Improved Discrimination of Subsurface Targets Using a Polarization-Sensitive Directional Borehole Radar
* Live Version Identification with Audio Scene Detection
Includes: Uemura, A.[Aiko] Uemura, A.

Uemura, H.[Hirofumi] Co Author Listing * Action recognition with appearance-motion features and fast search trees
* Action recognition with motion-appearance vocabulary forest
* Development of Detection Algorithm for Vehicles Using Multi-line CCD Sensor
* Feature Tracking and Motion Compensation for Action Recognition
Includes: Uemura, H.[Hirofumi] Uemura, H.[Hiroki]

Uemura, K. Co Author Listing * High-level soccer indexing on low-level feature space
* Wide Baseline Matching using Triplet Vector Descriptor

Uemura, M. Co Author Listing * Inverse Dynamics of Human Passive Motion Based on Iterative Learning Control

Uemura, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient contour shape description by using fractal interpolation functions

Uemura, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Image Analysis for Human Identification
* Recognition-Based Reconstruction of an Indoor Scene Using an Integration of Active and Passive Sensing Techniques
* Urban road extraction based on hough transform and region growing
Includes: Uemura, T. Uemura, T.[Takumi]

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