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Ulich, B.L.[Bobby L.] Co Author Listing * Imaging lidar system

Ulich, E. Co Author Listing * Psychological Criteria for the Evaluation of Different Forms of Group Work in Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Ulich, G. Co Author Listing * Provably Convergent Methods for the Linear and Nonlinear Shape from Shading Problem

Ulich, T. Co Author Listing * KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Ulichney, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * 4-Row Serpentine Tone Dependent Fast Error Diffusion
* Automatic red-eye detection and correction
* Binary text image file preprocessing to account for printer dot gain
* Direct Pattern Control Halftoning of Neugebauer Primaries
* Lattice-Based Screen Set: Square N -Color All-Orders Moire-Free Screen Set, The
* Multilevel halftone screen design: Keeping texture or keeping smoothness?
* Recovering planar projections of printed clustered-dot halftones
* Single separation analysis for clustered-dot halftones
Includes: Ulichney, R.[Robert] Ulichney, R.
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Ulichney, R.A. Co Author Listing * Blue-Noise Halftoning for Hexagonal Grids
* Dithering with Blue Noise
* low-complexity reduced-reference print identification algorithm, A
* Scaling Binary Images with the Telescoping Template
* System for producing dithered images from continuous-tone image data
* Void and cluster apparatus and method for generating dither templates
Includes: Ulichney, R.A. Ulichney, R.A.[Robert A.]

Ulicny, J. Co Author Listing * Desoiling Dataset: Restoring Soiled Areas on Automotive Fisheye Cameras
Includes: Ulicny, J. Ulicný, J.

Ulicny, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * Harmonic convolutional networks based on discrete cosine transform
* Learning Low-Dimensional Representation of Bivariate Histogram Data
Includes: Ulicny, M.[Matej] Ulicny, M.

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