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Umemoto, K. Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Diverse Lung Nodules Wherever Massively: 3D Multi-Conditional GAN-Based CT Image Augmentation for Object Detection

Umemoto, M. Co Author Listing * 1.2 Gbit/s HDTV digital VTR

Umemura, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * Tell as You Imagine: Sentence Imageability-aware Image Captioning

Umemura, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Image Labeling For Lidar Intensity Image Using K-nn Of Feature Obtained By Convolutional Neural Network
* Segmentation of LiDAR Intensity Using CNN Feature Based on Weighted Voting
* Seven-Component Scattering Power Decomposition of POLSAR Coherency Matrix
Includes: Umemura, M.[Masaki] Umemura, M.

Umemura, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Co Author Listing * Image information compression apparatus
* Spatial filter

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