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Umeyama, A.Y. Co Author Listing * Bootstrap Dual-Polarimetric Spectral Density Estimator

Umeyama, S.[Shinji] Co Author Listing * email: Umeyama, S.[Shinji]: s umeyama AT aist go jp
* 3D Curve Based Matching Method Using Dynamic Programming
* Eigen Decomposition Approach to Weighted Graph Matching Problems, An
* Estimating 3D Chlorophyll Content Distribution of Trees Using an Image Fusion Method Between 2D Camera and 3D Portable Scanning Lidar
* Image Understanding Via Representation of the Projected Motion Group
* Least-Squares Estimation of Transformation Parameters Between Two Point Patterns
* Parameterized Point Pattern Matching and Its Application to Recognition of Object Families
* Recognition and Positioning of Three-Dimensional Objects by Combining Matchings of Primitive Local Patterns
* Separation of diffuse and specular components of surface reflection by use of polarization and statistical analysis of images
* Simple and Interactive System for Modeling Typical Japanese Castles, A
Includes: Umeyama, S.[Shinji] Umeyama, S. Umeyama, S.[Sho] Umeyama, S.[Shogo]
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Umeyama, S.J.[Shin Ji] Co Author Listing * Face Matching through Information Theoretical Attention Points and Its Applications to Face Detection and Classification
Includes: Umeyama, S.J.[Shin Ji] Umeyama, S.J.[Shin-Ji]

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