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Utriainen, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Experienced audiovisual quality for mobile 3D television
* Least squares rigid body fitting of point-sets with unknown correspondences
* Simulator sickness: Five experiments using autostereoscopic mid-sized or small mobile screens
Includes: Utriainen, T.[Timo] Utriainen, T.[Tapani] Utriainen, T.

Utrillas, M.P. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Desert Dust Outbreaks Over Southern Europe Using CALIOP Data and Ground-Based Measurements
* Climatology of the Aerosol Extinction-to-Backscatter Ratio from Sun-Photometric Measurements
* Feasibility of Ground-Based Sky-Camera HDR Imagery to Determine Solar Irradiance and Sky Radiance over Different Geometries and Sky Conditions
* Machine Learning Approach to Derive Aerosol Properties from All-Sky Camera Imagery, A
Includes: Utrillas, M.P. Utrillas, M.P.[Marķa Pilar]

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