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Vazifedan, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Statistical Applications to Downscale GRACE-Derived Terrestrial Water Storage Data and to Fill Temporal Gaps

Vazifedoust, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine as Multi-Sensor Open-Source Tool for Monitoring Stream Flow in the Transboundary River Basin: Doosti River Dam
* Monitoring of Snow Cover Variation Using MODIS Snow Product
Includes: Vazifedoust, M.[Majid] Vazifedoust, M.

Vazir, S.[Saif] Co Author Listing * Forward Propagation, Backward Regression, and Pose Association for Hand Tracking in the Wild

Vazirgiannis, M.[Michalis] Co Author Listing * density-based cluster validity approach using multi-representatives, A
* Graph-based Neural Architecture Search with Operation Embeddings
* Hcore-Init: Neural Network Initialization based on Graph Degeneracy
* Permute Me Softly: Learning Soft Permutations for Graph Representations
* Spatio-Temporal Data Types: An Approach to Modeling and Querying Moving Objects in Databases

Vaziri, B. Co Author Listing * Edge-Guided Image Gap Interpolation Using Multi-Scale Transformation

Vazirnezhad, B.[Bahram] Co Author Listing * two-stage speech activity detection system considering fractal aspects of prosody, A

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