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Vig, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Aerial Road Segmentation in the Presence of Topological Label Noise
* End-to-End Saliency Mapping via Probability Distribution Prediction
* Intrinsic Dimensionality Predicts the Saliency of Natural Dynamic Scenes
* Large-Scale Optimization of Hierarchical Features for Saliency Prediction in Natural Images
* Learning Attribute-driven Disentangled Representations for Interactive Fashion Retrieval
* Online Domain Adaptation for Multi-Object Tracking
* Saliency-based selection of sparse descriptors for action recognition
* SkyScapes: Fine-Grained Semantic Understanding of Aerial Scenes
* Space-Variant Descriptor Sampling for Action Recognition Based on Saliency and Eye Movements
* Sympathy for the Details: Dense Trajectories and Hybrid Classification Architectures for Action Recognition
* Towards Multi-class Object Detection in Unconstrained Remote Sensing Imagery
* VirtualWorlds as Proxy for Multi-object Tracking Analysis
Includes: Vig, E.[Eleonora] Vig, E.
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Vig, L.[Lovekesh] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Low-Resolution Chromosomal Images
* Calibrating Deep Neural Networks using Explicit Regularisation and Dynamic Data Pruning
* Crowdsourcing for Chromosome Segmentation and Deep Classification
* Deterministic Policy Gradient Based Robotic Path Planning with Continuous Action Spaces
* DrawInAir: A Lightweight Gestural Interface Based on Fingertip Regression
* Font-ProtoNet: Prototypical Network based Font Identification of Document Images in Low Data Regime
* Handling Domain Shift for Lesion Detection via Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation
* Information Extraction from Document Images via FCA based Template Detection and Knowledge Graph Rule Induction
* Meta-DermDiagnosis: Few-Shot Skin Disease Identification using Meta-Learning
* Pedestrian Detection via Mixture of CNN Experts and Thresholded Aggregated Channel Features
* Siamese Networks for Chromosome Classification
Includes: Vig, L.[Lovekesh] Vig, L.
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Vig, R.[Renu] Co Author Listing * Correlation between Biopsy Confirmed Cases and Radiologist's Annotations in the Detection of Lung Nodules by Expanding the Diagnostic Database Using Content Based Image Retrieval
* DCA-based unimodal feature-level fusion of orthogonal moments for Indian sign language dataset
* From pyramids to state-of-the-art: a study and comprehensive comparison of visible-infrared image fusion techniques
* Medical fusion framework using discrete fractional wavelets and non-subsampled directional filter banks
* Taguchi-TOPSIS based HOG parameter selection for complex background sign language recognition

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