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Vigier, T.[Toinon] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity of objective image quality metrics: A new methodology for performance evaluation
* Impact of visual angle on attention deployment and robustness of visual saliency models in videos: From SD to UHD
* Perception-Based Framework for Wide Color Gamut Content Selection, A
* Wide Color Gamut Image Content Characterization: Method, Evaluation, and Applications
Includes: Vigier, T.[Toinon] Vigier, T.

Vigil, G.D.[Genevieve D.] Co Author Listing * Description of deep saturated excitation multiphoton microscopy for super-resolution imaging
* Investigation of signal-to-noise ratio in frequency-domain multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

Vigilante, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Detecting Sounds of Interest in Roads with Deep Networks
* MIVIABot: A Cognitive Robot for Smart Museum
* Performance Assessment of Face Analysis Algorithms with Occluded Faces
* VF3-Light: A lightweight subgraph isomorphism algorithm and its experimental evaluation

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