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Visin, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-view Stereo with Single-View Semantic Mesh Refinement
* ReSeg: A Recurrent Neural Network-Based Model for Semantic Segmentation

Visintin, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced modulation and channel coding tecniques for digital HDTV via satellite in the 20 GHz range

Visintini, D. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the St. Anthony abbot church in San Daniele del Friuli: from laser scanning and photogrammetry to vrml/x3d model, The
* Advanced 3d Modeling Versus Building Information Modeling: The Case Study of Palazzo Ettoreo in Sacile (Italy)
* Automatic modeling of laser point clouds by statistical analysis of surface curvature values
* Automatic Non Parametric Procedures for Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Processing
* Geomatic 3D Modeling of a Statue (also) for Structural Analysis and Risk Evaluation: the Example of San Giovannino Martelli in Florence
* Integrated Techniques for Low-Cost Surveying of Urban Areas
* Laserscanning survey of the Aquileia basilica (Italy) and automatic modeling of the volumetric primitives
* Points Classification By A Sequential Higher-Order Moments Statistical Analysis Of Lidar Data
* segmentation procedure of LiDAR data by applying mixed parametric and nonparametric models, A
* Statistically Proven Automatic Curvature Based Classification Procedure of Laser Points, A
Includes: Visintini, D. Visintini, D.[Domenico]
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