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Vretos, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * 3D facial expression recognition using Zernike moments on depth images
* Behavior Analysis through Multimodal Sensing for Care of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Patients
* Enhancing real-time full 3D reconstruction of humans with pre-scanned meshes
* ICT4Life open source libraries supporting multimodal analysis of different diseases
* Leveraging Skeleton Structure and Time Dependencies in the Scope of Action Recognition
* model-based facial expression recognition algorithm using Principal Components Analysis, A
* Multi-view Adaptive Graph Convolutions for Graph Classification
* Multimodal monitoring of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients using the ICT4LIFE platform
* mutual information based face clustering algorithm for movie content analysis, A
* Non-linear Convolution Filters for CNN-Based Learning
* novel dimensionality reduction technique based on kernel optimization through graph embedding, A
* Person tracking association using multi-modal systems
* RobusterNet: Improving Copy-Move Forgery Detection with Volterra-based Convolutions
* Temporal and color consistent disparity estimation in stereo videos
* use of Audio-Visual Description Profile in 3D video content description, The
* Using robust dispersion estimation in support vector machines
* Video fingerprinting using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and facial images
Includes: Vretos, N.[Nicholas] Vretos, N.
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