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Wani, A.[Anuj] Co Author Listing * DC-Gnet for detection of glaucoma in retinal fundus imaging
* GC-NET for classification of glaucoma in the retinal fundus image

Wani, A.A.[Akhlaq A.] Co Author Listing * Relationships of S-Band Radar Backscatter and Forest Aboveground Biomass in Different Forest Types

Wani, M.A. Co Author Listing * Edge-Region-Based Segmentation of Range Images

Wani, S.P.[Suhas P.] Co Author Listing * Incorporation of satellite remote sensing pan-sharpened imagery into digital soil prediction and mapping models to characterize soil property variability in small agricultural fields

Wania, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison between two coevolutionary feature weighting algorithms in clustering
* Increasing Timeliness of Satellite-Based Flood Mapping Using Early Warning Systems in the Copernicus Emergency Management Service
Includes: Wania, A. Wania, A.[Annett]

Wanielik, G.[Gerd] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Lane Marking Detection for ADAS and Autonomous Driving
* Comparing Visual Dapattta Fusion Techniques Using FIR and Visible Light Sensors to Improve Pedestrian Detection
* Hough transformation based approach for road border detection in infrared images
* Multi Sensor Based Tracking of Pedestrians: A Survey of Suitable Movement Models
* new approach for tracking lanes by fusing image measurements with map data, A
* Situation Assessment for Automatic Lane-Change Maneuvers
Includes: Wanielik, G.[Gerd] Wanielik, G.

Wanik, D.W.[David W.] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Use of Nighttime Satellite Data, Electric Utility Infrastructure, and Ambient Population to Improve Power Outage Detections in Urban Areas

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