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Woloszynski, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Measure of Competence Based on Randomized Reference Classifier for Dynamic Ensemble Selection, A
* On a New Measure of Classifier Competence Applied to the Design of Multiclassifier Systems
* probabilistic model of classifier competence for dynamic ensemble selection, A

Wolovich, W.A. Co Author Listing * Complex representations of algebraic curves
* Covariant Conics Decomposition of Quartics for 2D Object Recognition and Affine Alignment
* Covariant-Conics Decomposition of Quartics for 2D Shape Recognition and Alignment
* Determination of Implicit Polynomial Canonical Curves, The
* Implicitization of Parametric Curves by Matrix Annihilation
* New Representation for Quartic Curves and Complete Sets of Geometric Invariants, A
* Pose Estimation and Object Identification using Complex Algebraic Representation
* Progress in Image Understanding at Brown University
Includes: Wolovich, W.A. Wolovich, W.A.[William A.]
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