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Wrobel Dautcourt, B. Co Author Listing * Mixing Synthesis and Video Images of Outdoor Environments: Application to the Bridges of Paris
* Mixing Synthetic and Video Images of an Outdoor Urban Environment
* Realistic Face Animation for Audiovisual Speech Applications: A Densification Approach Driven by Sparse Stereo Meshes
Includes: Wrobel Dautcourt, B. Wrobel-Dautcourt, B. Wrobel-Dautcourt, B.[Brigitte]

Wrobel, B.P.[Bernhard P.] Co Author Listing * Circular targets in perspective projection: In an image and in bundle adjustment

Wrobel, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Personal identification utilizing lip print furrow based patterns. A new approach

Wrobel, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Decision Snippet Features
* Ising Models for Binary Clustering via Adiabatic Quantum Computing
* Visual Analytics of Movement
Includes: Wrobel, S.[Stefan] Wrobel, S.

Wrobel, Z.[Zygmunt] Co Author Listing * Analysis of microtomographic images in automatic defect localization and detection
* Quantitative assessment of the impact of blood pulsation on images of the pupil in infrared light
Includes: Wrobel, Z.[Zygmunt] Wróbel, Z.[Zygmunt]

Wroblewski, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * GPU Calculated Camera Collisions Detection within a Dynamic Environment
Includes: Wroblewski, G.[Grzegorz] Wróblewski, G.[Grzegorz]

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