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Yalniz, I.Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Orchards Using Very High Resolution Imagery
* Creating an Improved Version Using Noisy OCR from Multiple Editions
* Dependence Models for Searching Text in Document Images
* Efficient Exploration of Text Regions in Natural Scene Images Using Adaptive Image Sampling
* Fast Alignment Scheme for Automatic OCR Evaluation of Books, A
* Noiserank: Unsupervised Label Noise Reduction with Dependence Models
* Unsupervised detection and localization of structural textures using projection profiles
Includes: Yalniz, I.Z. Yalniz, I.Z.[Ismet Zeki] Yalniz, I.Z.[I. Zeki]
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Yalniz, Z.[Zeki] Co Author Listing * Defense Against Adversarial Images Using Web-Scale Nearest-Neighbor Search

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