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Yankeelov, T.E.[Thomas E.] Co Author Listing * Early DCE-MRI Changes after Longitudinal Registration May Predict Breast Cancer Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
* Patient-Specific Characterization of Breast Cancer Hemodynamics Using Image-Guided Computational Fluid Dynamics
* Robustness of Quantitative Compressive Sensing MRI: The Effect of Random Undersampling Patterns on Derived Parameters for DCE- and DSC-MRI
Includes: Yankeelov, T.E.[Thomas E.] Yankeelov, T.E.

Yankelevich, D.R. Co Author Listing * Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Intravascular Ultrasound: Co-Registration Study Using Ex Vivo Human Coronaries
* Real-Time Visualization of Tissue Surface Biochemical Features Derived From Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements

Yankelevitz, D.F. Co Author Listing * On Measuring the Change in Size of Pulmonary Nodules
* Three-dimensional segmentation and growth-rate estimation of small pulmonary nodules in helical CT images

Yankelevsky, Y.[Yael] Co Author Listing * Depth perception in autostereograms: 1/f noise is best

Yanker, P.C.[Peter C.] Co Author Listing * Image query system and method
* QBIC Project: Querying Image by Content Using Color, Texture, and Shape, The
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
Includes: Yanker, P.C.[Peter C.] Yanker, P.C.

Yankov, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Best-Match Shape Searching in Rotation-Invariant Metric Spaces

Yankowich, S.W. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform Based Multisensor, Multitarget, Track Initiation Technique

Yankson, P.W.K.[Paul W. K.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Satellite-Based Estimates of Urban Agglomeration Size for the Accra Area, A

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