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Yeasar, T.S.[Tashaffi Samin] Co Author Listing * Beyond Smart Homes: An In-Depth Analysis of Smart Aging Care System Security

Yeasin, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D model-based object tracking framework, A
* Automatic acquisition and initialization of articulated models
* Automatic Generation of Robot Program Code: Learning from Perceptual Data
* Detecting and Tracking Body Parts of Multiple People
* Detecting and Tracking Human Face and Eye using Space-Varying Sensor and an Active Vision Head
* Development of an Automated Image Processing System for Kinematic Analysis of Human Gait
* From facial expression to level of interest: a spatio-temporal approach
* IMAPS: A smart phone based real-time framework for prediction of affect in natural dyadic conversation
* Improving continuous gesture recognition with spoken prosody
* Introduction to the special issue on human modeling, analysis, and synthesis
* Machine Learning Techniques for Phenology Assessment of Sugarcane Using Conjunctive SAR and Optical Data
* Multiple complex object tracking using a combined technique
* Optical Flow in Log-Mapped Image Plane-A New Approach
* Robust tracking of human body parts for collaborative human computer interaction
* Speech-gesture driven multimodal interfaces for crisis management
* Toward Automatic Robot Programming: Learning Human Skill from Visual Data
* Towards a unified approach for tracking and analysis of human motion
* Tracking the human arm using constraint fusion and multiple-cue localization
* Understanding Effects of Cognitive Load from Pupillary Responses Using Hilbert Analytic Phase
* Unified Framework for Dividing and Predicting a Large Set of Action Units, A
* Visual understanding of dynamic hand gestures
* Web-Based Interface for the Visualization of Microarray Data
Includes: Yeasin, M.[Mohammed] Yeasin, M. Yeasin, M.[Md]
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