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Yeti, M.Y.[Mi Yen] Co Author Listing * Communication-efficient multi-view keyframe extraction in distributed video sensors
Includes: Yeti, M.Y.[Mi Yen] Yeti, M.Y.[Mi-Yen]

Yetik, I.S. Co Author Listing * Cross-Device Automated Prostate Cancer Localization With Multiparametric MRI
* Improved random walker algorithm for image segmentation
* Maximum Likelihood Classification method for image segmentation considering subject variability, A
* novel non-rigid registration method, A
* Prostate Cancer Localization With Multispectral MRI Using Cost-Sensitive Support Vector Machines and Conditional Random Fields
* Prostate Cancer Segmentation With Simultaneous Estimation of Markov Random Field Parameters and Class
* Simultaneous estimation of the Markov random field parameters and the classes for image segmentation
Includes: Yetik, I.S. Yetik, I.S.[Imam Samil]
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