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Yunus, A. Co Author Listing * Detection of Interstitial Lung Disease using correlation and regression methods on texture measure
* Regression as a Tool to Measure Segmentation Quality and Preliminary Indicator of Diseased Lungs
Includes: Yunus, A. Yunus, A.[Ashari]

Yunus, A.P.[Ali P.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Influence of UAV Altitude on Extracted Biophysical Parameters of Young Oil Palm
* Automatic Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Landslide Detection: Integration of Object-Oriented Image Analysis and a Genetic Algorithm
* Evaluating GIS-Based Multiple Statistical Models and Data Mining for Earthquake and Rainfall-Induced Landslide Susceptibility Using the LiDAR DEM
* Google Earth Engine for the Detection of Soiling on Photovoltaic Solar Panels in Arid Environments
* Ground Surface Deformation Analysis Integrating InSAR and GPS Data in the Karstic Terrain of Cheria Basin, Algeria
* Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on the Fisheries Sector: A Case Study from Three Harbors in Western India
* Remote Sensing for International Peace and Security: Its Role and Implications
* Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Glacial Lakes in the Tibetan Plateau over the Past 30 Years
* Uncertainties in Tidally Adjusted Estimates of Sea Level Rise Flooding (Bathtub Model) for the Greater London
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Yunus, F.[Fajrian] Co Author Listing * Sequence-to-Sequence Predictive Model: From Prosody to Communicative Gestures

Yunus, I. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Lane Departure Warning System on a Lower Resource Platform

Yunus, M.[Mamadjanov] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multi-Resolution Optical Landsat-8, Sentinel-2 and Radar Sentinel-1 Data for Automatic Lineament Extraction: A Case Study of Alichur Area, SE Pamir

Yunus, Y.[Yusry] Co Author Listing * Development of Parallel and Fan-Shaped Beam Mixed-Projection Optical Tomography

Yunusa Kaltungo, A.[Akilu] Co Author Listing * Drone-Assisted Confined Space Inspection and Stockpile Volume Estimation
Includes: Yunusa Kaltungo, A.[Akilu] Yunusa-Kaltungo, A.[Akilu]

Yunusova, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) from Video-Based Analysis of Facial Movements: Speech and Non-Speech Tasks
* Estimation of Orofacial Kinematics in Parkinson's Disease: Comparison of 2D and 3D Markerless Systems for Motion Tracking

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