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Zibulevsky, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Approximate Fourier phase information in the phase retrieval problem: what it gives and how to use it
* Blind Decomposition of Transmission Light Microscopic Hyperspectral Cube Using Sparse Representation
* Blind Deconvolution of Images Using Optimal Sparse Representations
* Blind separation of mixed images using multiscale transforms
* Blind Source Separation Using Multinode Sparse Representation
* Classical Scaling Revisited
* Conformal Mapping with as Uniform as Possible Conformal Factor
* design and implementation of COSEN, an iterative algorithm for fully 3-D listmode data, The
* Efficient Inter-Geodesic Distance Computation and Fast Classical Scaling
* Fast Reconstruction Method for Diffraction Imaging
* Fast Relative Newton Algorithm for Blind Deconvolution of Images
* Image Denoising with Shrinkage and Redundant Representations
* L1-L2 Optimization in Signal and Image Processing
* Optimal sparse representations for blind source separation and blind deconvolution: a learning approach
* Patch Ordering as a Regularization for Inverse Problems in Image Processing
* Reconstruction in diffraction ultrasound tomography using nonuniform FFT
* Separation of reflections via sparse ICA
* Solving RED With Weighted Proximal Methods
* Sparse ICA for blind separation of transmitted and reflected images
* Spatially-Adaptive Reconstruction in Computed Tomography Using Neural Networks
* Unmixing Tissues: Sparse Component Analysis in Multi-Contrast MRI
* Wavelet Representation and Total Variation Regularization in Emission Tomography
Includes: Zibulevsky, M.[Michael] Zibulevsky, M.
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Zibulski, M. Co Author Listing * multi-window Gabor-type analysis of images and multidimensional signals, The
* Signal- and Image-Component Separation by a Multi-Window Gabor-Type Scheme

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