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AI(3) * Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-Dimensional Scene

AI(30) * Incremental Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from Multiple, Complex Images

AI(301) * Path-length analysis for grid-based path planning

AI(303) * CVPR 2020 continual learning in computer vision competition: Approaches, results, current challenges and future directions

AI(31) * Generating and Generalizing Models of Visual Objects
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition from Single Two-Dimensional Images

AI(32) * On the range of applicability of an artificial intelligence machine

AI(33) * Implementing Dempster's Rule for Hierarchical Evidence
* Multi-Level Perception Approach to Reading Cursive Script, A
* On the Estimation of Optical Flow: Relations between Different Approaches and Some New Results

AI(35) * Interpreting Image Curve from Multiframes

AI(36) * Comments on Mohr and Henderson's Path Consistency Algorithm
* Constraints on Deformable Models: Recovering 3D Shape and Nonrigid Motion

AI(37) * algorithmic approach to some problems in terrain navigation, An
* Geometric Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to the Special Volume
* Geometric Reasoning for Constructing 3D Scene Descriptions from Images
* Geometric reasoning with logic and algebra
* Geometric Relationships Between Toleranced Features
* multi-level geometric reasoning system for vision, A
* On the Geometric Interpretation of Image Contours
* Wu's Method and Its Application to Perspective Viewing
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AI(38) * Shape from Texture: General Principle

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