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AMAI( Vol No. ) * *Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

AMAI(10) * Probabilistic Matching Algorithm for Computer Vision, A

AMAI(13) * Approximate Matching of Polygonal Shapes
* Aspect Graphs and Their Use in Object Recognition
* Formal Methods in 2-Dimensional Shape-Analysis
* Local Projective and Affine Invariants
* Optimal Implementation of Morphological Operations on Neighborhood-Connected Parallel Computers
* ORE Differential Invariants of Planar Curves and Recognizing Partially Occluded Planar Shapes
* Random Planar Shapes and Their Statistical Recognition
* Recognition Network Model-Based Approach to Dynamic Image Understanding, A
* Representation and Reconstruction of Polygons and Polyhedra Using Hierarchical Extended Gaussian Images
* Smooth Curve Extraction by Mean-Field Annealing
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