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BDCV13 * *Big Data Computer Vision
* Big Data Scalability Issues in WAAS
* Decoupling Sparse Coding with Fusion of Fisher Vectors and Scalable SVMs for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Duplicate Discovery on 2 Billion Internet Images
* Efficient Category Mining by Leveraging Instance Retrieval
* Exploiting Unlabeled Ages for Aging Pattern Analysis on a Large Database
* Iterative Reconstruction of Large Scenes Using Heterogeneous Feature Tracking
* Large Scale Medical Image Search via Unsupervised PCA Hashing
* Learning Regularized, Query-Dependent Bilinear Similarities for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Lost But Found? Harnessing the Internet for Photometric Completion
* Peak Valley Edge Patterns: A New Descriptor for Biomedical Image Indexing and Retrieval
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