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CVCivil22 * *Computer Vision for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
* Active Learning for Imbalanced Civil Infrastructure Data
* ConSLAM: Periodically Collected Real-world Construction Dataset for SLAM and Progress Monitoring
* Crackseg9k: A Collection and Benchmark for Crack Segmentation Datasets and Frameworks
* Depth Contrast: Self-supervised Pretraining on 3dpm Images for Mining Material Classification
* Facilitating Construction Scene Understanding Knowledge Sharing and Reuse via Lifelong Site Object Detection
* Generating Construction Safety Observations via Clip-based Image-language Embedding
* Geometric-relational Deep Learning Framework for BIM Object Classification, A
* Hyperspectral and Rgb Dataset for Building Fašade Segmentation, A
* Image Illumination Enhancement for Construction Worker Pose Estimation in Low-light Conditions
* Improving Object Detection in VHR Aerial Orthomosaics
* Model-assisted Labeling via Explainability for Visual Inspection of Civil Infrastructures
* NeuralSI: Structural Parameter Identification in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
* PRISEG: IFC-supported Primitive Instance Geometry Segmentation with Unsupervised Clustering
* Towards an Error-free Deep Occupancy Detector for Smart Camera Parking System
* UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing for Automated Building Inspection
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