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CVFAD21 * *Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design
* AFRIFASHION1600: A Contemporary African Fashion Dataset for Computer Vision
* CLIP-Art: Contrastive Pre-training for Fine-Grained Art Classification
* Color Me Good: Branding in the Coloring Style of Movie Posters
* Deep Graphics Encoder for Real-Time Video Makeup Synthesis from Example
* Differentiable Rendering-based Pose-Conditioned Human Image Generation
* Dressing in Order: Recurrent Person Image Generation for Pose Transfer, Virtual Try-on and Outfit Editing
* Effectively Leveraging Attributes for Visual Similarity
* Explainable Noisy Label Flipping for Multi-Label Fashion Image Classification
* Fine-Grained Visual Attribute Extraction from Fashion Wear
* IndoFashion: Apparel Classification for Indian Ethnic Clothes
* Leveraging Style and Content features for Text Conditioned Image Retrieval
* Line Art Colorization with Concatenated Spatial Attention
* Localized Triplet Loss for Fine-grained Fashion Image Retrieval
* Modeling Fashion Compatibility with Explanation by using Bidirectional LSTM
* Scalable and Explainable Outfit Generation
* Study on the Relative Importance of Convolutional Neural Networks in Visually-Aware Recommender Systems, A
* Surprising image compositions
* Where are my clothes? A multi-level approach for evaluating deep instance segmentation architectures on fashion images
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CVFAD22 * *Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design
* Artistic Style Novel View Synthesis Based on A Single Image
* CoRe: Color Regression for Multicolor Fashion Garments
* DAtRNet: Disentangling Fashion Attribute Embedding for Substitute Item Retrieval
* Dress Code: High-Resolution Multi-category Virtual Try-On
* Dual-Branch Collaborative Transformer for Virtual Try-On
* GP22: A Car Styling Dataset for Automotive Designers
* multi-modal universe of fast-fashion: the Visuelle 2.0 benchmark, The
* Neural Image Recolorization for Creative Domains
* OutfitGAN: Learning Compatible Items for Generative Fashion Outfits
* OutfitTransformer: Outfit Representations for Fashion Recommendation
* PaintInStyle: One-Shot Discovery of Interpretable Directions by Painting
* Rank in Style: A Ranking-based Approach to Find Interpretable Directions
* Towards Detailed Characteristic-Preserving Virtual Try-On
* UIGR: Unified Interactive Garment Retrieval
* Wearable ImageNet: Synthesizing Tileable Textures via Dataset Distillation
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CVFashion17 * *Computer Vision for Fashion
* 3D Garment Digitisation for Virtual Wardrobe Using a Commodity Depth Sensor
* Accurate System for Fashion Hand-Drawn Sketches Vectorization, An
* Conditional Analogy GAN: Swapping Fashion Articles on People Images, The
* Dress Like a Star: Retrieving Fashion Products from Videos
* Hierarchical Category Detector for Clothing Recognition from Visual Data
* Learning Unified Embedding for Apparel Recognition
* Leveraging Weakly Annotated Data for Fashion Image Retrieval and Label Prediction
* Multi-label Fashion Image Classification with Minimal Human Supervision
* Multi-modal Embedding for Main Product Detection in Fashion
* Point Cloud Completion of Foot Shape from a Single Depth Map for Fit Matching Using Deep Learning View Synthesis
* Recommending Outfits from Personal Closet
* What Makes a Style: Experimental Analysis of Fashion Prediction
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