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DAI * *University of Edinburgh
* Algorithm for Recognising Walkers, An
* Attention in Iconic Object Matching
* Buyer's Guide to Conic Fitting, A
* Calibration, Data Consistency and Model Acquisition with a 3-D Laser Striper
* Class-Based Recognition of 3D Objects Represented by Volumetric Primitives
* Comparison of Four Algorithms for Estimating 3-D Rigid Transformations, A
* Comparison of Four Algorithms for Estimating 3-D Rigid Transformations, A
* Constructing Models of Articulating Objects: Range Data Partitioning
* Direct Least Squares Fitting of Ellipses
* Ellipse-Specific Direct Least-Square Fitting
* Equal-Distance Sampling of Superellipse Models
* Extracting Surface Patches from Complete Range Descriptions
* High-Level CAD Model Acquisition from Range Images
* Model-Driven Grouping and Recognition of Generic Object Parts from a Single Image
* Multi-Variate Cross-Correlation and Image Matching
* Neural Network for Moving Light Display Trajectory Prediction, A
* Non-Polyhedral Landmark Recognition using 3D Depth Images and Partially Correct Models
* Part Segmentation from 2D Edge Images by the MDL Criterion
* Recognising Walkers Using Moving Light Displays
* Recovery of Generic Solid Parts by Parametrically Deformable Aspects
* Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Range Views for Use in Reverse Engineering
* Surface Reflectance Recovery under Point Light Illumination
* Training PDMs on models: the case of deformable superellipses
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